Our Story

Stuart & Lau was conceived between the connection from New York to Hong Kong – our two homes. Frequently traveling between both cities, we knew well the frenetic pace that characterizes each, and it was over the course of our journeys that the need for a smarter briefcase crystalized into a design philosophy and a brand.

Though based on opposite sides of the globe our existences were remarkably similar. Busy days were spent moving from location to location and meeting to meeting, navigating all forms of transportation in between. Our lives were full and varied, and the need for a carryall that transitioned seamlessly across settings and usages with equal parts function and flare formed the vision for a better briefcase.

We believe this is the new normal for men. Whether it’s Hong Kong, New York or any city in between, our days are defined by constant motion. The nature of today’s work, no longer bound by desks or borders, drives us to wherever our personal or professional pursuits require us to be. The items we carry, too, have grown to reflect this modern, urban reality rooted in mobility. Yet, most briefcases do little to accommodate our journeys – they weigh us down, rather than propel us forward.

Crafting products that support this lifestyle is the singular focus of Stuart & Lau. When we set about designing the first collection, we took into account the things we carry, the places we go, and the elements we face, with the aim of building a briefcase that perfectly addressed the needs of a modern man in motion, with equal attention paid to both his preparation and presentation. Modeled on the mutually reinforcing principles of simple, enduring appeal and always situationally-appropriate character, our products are meant to complement you in your next destination, wherever that may be.


Matthew Stuart and Jimmy Lau
Cofounders of Stuart & Lau